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Why Game Dev Might Be For You

What if you could create your own world where you decide what happens and you decide the laws of nature. Yes, that’s what game developers do. Are you interested in working as a one? Then perhaps you should read this guide and see why game dev might be for you.


The salary has always been known to be quite good when it comes to programmers, but actually it isn’t that great for a game developer. The average game developer in the United States makes around 50.000 dollars/year.

2. Solo or Employed

Working with a team of professionals has it’s benefits, you won’t have to do everything on your own and you’ll have your monthly paycheck assured.

Working solo is tricky, because you need to have more skills such as:

  • Basic designing and illustration
  • Making music for games
  • 3D graphics for objects and characters

But it has got it’s pros too. You have your own schedule and work on your own projects that you love.

3.Game Engines

As a solo developer or employee, you need to know at least one game engine.
But what is a game engine?

A game engine is the software that provides game creators with the necessary set of features to build games quickly and efficiently.

The problem with game engines, is that each game engine has it’s limitations.

Most game companies have their own game engines, such as:
Cryengine, Clausewitz, LWJGL, and the list goes on.

As a solo developer you’re probably going to use Unity or Unreal.

How do they compare?
Unity is a simpler Game Engine to learn, powered by C# while Unreal is a bit harder and works with C++. Even if you want to learn Unreal engine I really recommend you to learn Unity first and after that learn Unreal engine.

Unreal has a slightly better graphic quality than Unity. For making 3D high graphic games, Unreal is the choice. But for making 2D games or simple 3D games, Unity is better choice. Comment below what you like. 2D or 3D?

4. How to get started?

Firstly you must know about basic programming, so start by learning the programming language you’re going to use within the Game Engine. That would probably be C# or C++. But don’t worry. After learning one of these, learning the other will become a lot easier since all programming languages follow the same concepts under the hood.

How to Learn?
I highly recommend “The Complete C# Unity Developer 2D” by team, to get started, available on Udemy.

For a free course check out Raywenderlich.

After learning basic Programming, you can start learning about game engines. Check out Youtube channels like Brackeys on YouTube. You can also check the official Unity website

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